Emergency Services

Looking for emergency dental services. Our dental team will endeavour to see you the same day within clinical hours.

Till then, this is what you could do to relieve your toothache:

Take oral pain relief: take 2 panadols every 4-6 hours depending on your need. Do not exceed the dose.

Use topical pain relief: Toothache drops available at pharmacies or a clove from the spice drawer held against the sore tooth can give you temporary relief.

In case of an injury to your mouth, you may end up with a broken tooth, or a change in position of your tooth or with the tooth completely knocked out. Look out for the broken piece of tooth or for the whole tooth, rinse it under water and place in milk if available or in the corner of your cheek till you can reach us. If the tooth is pushed out of position, avoid biting on it, till we can have a look at it. In case of bleeding from an injured lip, apply pressure with a clean cloth or tissue. Apply an icepack to the injured area.