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Welcome To Lake Panorama Dental – Senior Family Dentist-Dr Lisa Fernandes over 23 years of experience based in Henderson Heights, Auckland

Lake Panorama Dental provides both family and cosmetic dentistry, using the latest tools and technology. We also maintain very high hygiene standards.

We’re based in a brand new clinic, set in the peaceful surroundings of Lake Panorama, where an entire home is converted exclusively into a Dental clinic so that you can feel the very presence of your own home during your Dental appointment. We have some of the latest dental equipment and an OPG X Ray machine as well.

Dr Lisa Fernandes, has experience of over 25 years as a Dentist, previously practiced at Henderson and Mt Roskill since 2001.

We also understand that everyone has different expectations and comfort zones, so we tailor every treatment plan to suit your individual needs. Our team are caring, gentle and professional. We provide complete comprehensive dental services.

The clinic is open from Monday to Saturday.At Lake Panorama Dental, we aim to provide you with a healthy, confident smile and a gentle and comfortable dental experience that is affordable.

We understand that Dental treatment can be costly and hence will try our best to always have specials which will be advertised on our wesbsite without compromising on quality.

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The most friendly and welcoming Dental clinic. Very affordable and the staff are accommodating, friendly and caring. You are left feeling better than when you first came in. Will definitely be returning for future visits. These guys have my complete and total recommendation and endorsement.

Neil Slattery

I took my 14 year old daughter Jasmin to Lake Panorama Dental because she was complaining about her tooth pain. I had not been to Lake Panorama Dental before and was a little bit apprehensive.

Dr Lisa was kind to see her and found out that Jasmin had 7 fillings to be done. I was very surprised because just 6 weeks back, I took Jasmin to the school referred dentist (no names disclosed) and they said everything was OK and teeth are good condition etc. So 7 fillings cannot appear on a 14 years old child in less than 6 weeks. Basically, what the other dentist checked was really a bad job done, lied to us that everything was OK. I would never go to them again.

Dr Lisa sorted out Jasmin’s problems in just 2 sittings. She was very polite, friendly and kept updating me all the time. She also made some suggestions and recommendations for Jasmin to use while brushing etc. One thing to say, Dr Lisa knows her job well. She is very professional in her job and does everything perfectly, the right way.

I am delighted to have Dr Lisa (Lake Panorama Dental) as my new ‘favourite’ dentist and would encourage anyone looking for a dentist.

Khurshed N Vandana Patel

Highly recommend this practice. I have a fear of the dentist and Lisa was able to eleviate this with her calm, kind manner. I went today again and I legitimately had a ‘pain free’ filling! You will not regret making the switch. I will be going back for sure. 40yrs of being terrified of the dentist, to now being ‘fear free’!

Bobbs Lee

5 Stars for Lake Panorama Dental! After coming in from a terrible experience literally in tears from a different dental practice, I was taken on board here and treated with respect and sincerity. My appointment went swimmingly and I walked away feeling so much better. I am recommending Lake Panorama Dental to everyone I know, and have already made no hesitation in moving my whole family to there. 

Amanda Sharkey

Dr Lisa ia very gentle and patient, as a patient she calms my fears of a dentist and I recommend her to anyone looking for a trust worthy experienced Dentist.

Alston D'Silva

Highly recommended. Just had my first appointment today and I found Dr. Lisa very friendly and professional.

Velvon Almeida

Very great service and highly recommended ?????

Rovlin Vikash

Can say that Dr Lisa is one of the best dentist I have ever been to, since the past 18 years.. She is very professional, makes you feel comfortable even in the worst of dental situation and is very empathetic and caring. The clinic hygiene and, facilities available are top notch, besides the team very friendly

Brian Fernandes

Very clean and new dental clinic, with a highly skilled dentist with over 2 decades of experience. Dr Lisa is highly recommended. She is genuine and will you are in safe hands with her with your dental care.

Ranjana Andrews

I highly recommend DR Lisa and the team. The whole experience right from booking an appointment to completing my treatment was pain and stress free.

Liston Pinto

One of best dentist I have seen

Umesh Nisar

Have been knowing Lisa for more then 02 decades.
She is the best at her work and quiet professional.

Kadir Sayed

Very comforting experience! Dentist was very gentle and informative .

Niko Sway

This has been the most friendly and pleasant dental experience for my children to date!
Thank you Lisa and Co for looking after my children today ?

Deanna Milbourn

Very loving people, walked in and they instantly made me feel as if it was my own home, rare for a dentist! Both Mr and Mrs Fernandez were very professional, and I’m happy to say this is my go to from now on!

Seth van Mechelen

I’m a very nervous person around dentists and Lisa and her team made me feel so relaxed and at ease. Truly appreciate everything thank you guys! Highly recommended

Naheed Viraf Fatakia

Lisa is amazing, so good ! I am impressed with the entire setup and Loy is kind and helpful. I will be back. Thank you.

Chrissy Lewis

Lisa is the best Dentist I have been to. Highly recommend her and her services. She is very aware of what her patients are going through. A very kind lady. Been using her for about 10 years now.

Cathy Bingley
I had just visited Dr. Lisa’s dental surgery for an observation. Being a dentist myself, I feel very proud in saying that Dr. Lisa is exceptional at her work, being it greeting a patient or time management. When I observed her work, she seemed like an expert at work. Plus I noticed that all the dental machine used were hi tech as well as updated.
Nashvin Natke

Massive thank you to the team, such excellent service and care. I am now pain free

Matt West

Warm and welcoming, service care is fantastic. Thank you.

Matt West

I have no words. This couple is so wonderful, friendly, professional and helped us out so quickly. Affordable prices and so welcoming. Booked hubby in and he said was quick and painless, considering it was an urgent extraction. We highly recommend and will be bringing our family in future should any dental issues arise. Thank you for looking after hubby. ??

Nicole Diedricks

First timer and I had an amazing experience at my new dentist today. Dr Lisa & Loy Fernandes were extremely friendly – although Lisa treated me personally. She was very gentle and handled my two fillings really well, made me feel comfortable and was really fast as well. On top of that they’re running a 15% off until June 2020 so it only cost me 300 bucks (another dentist quoted me like double that at least).


Lake panorama Dental is one of the best clinics I’ve visited in all my years of seeing various dentists. State of the art clean modern facilities, ample of parking near the clinic. All the staff are extremely knowledgeable and treat you more as a family member than just a customer which a lot of other practices lack in my opinion. All procedures undertaken here are done to a very high standard. Dr Lisa is excellent and I personally don’t mind traveling over 50km for any of my dental work.

Jude B

Had a great visit with Dr Lisa at her new premises. Great location lovely modern clinic. Treatments and prices discussed and were very reasonable. Friendly welcoming staff. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Debbie Taylor
The team at Lake Panorama Dental are phenomenal. The whole team is just so friendly and welcoming. They go beyond to meet your needs. Dr Lisa is absolutely an amazing dentist, who does everything gently and does an amazing job. Loy is awesome as well, offering a warm & friendly services to all clients. The whole team of Lake Panorama Dental is friendly & efficient in their job. Best & highly recommended dentist in Auckland, NZ.
Shivaka Sharma

I have brought two of my Family Members for treatment.Dr. Lisa has been absolutely exceptional with her treatment. This very homely dental clinic is highly recommended to all.

Allan D'Costa

There’s nothing quite like healthy teeth to make a happy person. Thanks Lisa and your team for your wonderful care. Very much appreciated.

Carol Southern
 I can highly recommend Lake Panorama Dental. They are super close in Western Heights, their service is exceptional, they are very understanding and really well priced ???
Chris Thomas
Top family dentist in NZ.
Best support manager Mr Loy.
Prompt service.
Jey Kali

I travelled across from other side of Auckland to get my teeth cleaned and it was so worth it. Dental treatment in NZ is exorbitant and it is very difficult to find trustworthy dental clinic. I can confidently say Dr Lisa and her dental assistant Riya are a great, efficient team. Dr Lisa was very thorough and efficient. Highly recommend this dental clinic. Have referred 2 more friends already, for you will not be fleeced and will be on very capable hands. Thank you Dr Lisa, Loy and Riya.

Ranjana Andrews

I have been on a journey…since 1977…always terrified of the ‘Murder House’ as a little kid – my pathway after so many hiccups and bumps……I finally found Lake Panorama Dental… To have found Dr Lisa and Loy Fernandes – I’m feeling happy beyond words!! I need multiple extractions……and I’m now slightly anxious, but determined The empathy and understanding – and a plan, make my journey’ – ‘Gorgeous’ and almost complete! ! Bring it!!! I’m excited – to Smile again!!

Janie Houghton

The best dental clinic I’ve ever been to. Not only are they amazing at what they do, the entire team are the most friendly and welcoming people I’ve ever met. If you’re looking to make the switch, look no further!


Really happy with my visit at the dentist, with my family. Highly recommend.

Vikas John

Vikas John

Really Happy with my First ever Dental Visit in NZ. Special Thanks to Loy for the warm and Friendly Welcome and Dr Lisa for providing all the details and what needs to be done.

Vinay Kumar
I have been going to Lake Panorama Dental for a few years now. The Team there are very professional and caring. Thank you for always ensuring a safe and comfortable service at a great price.
Laura Heynen
These guys are so friendly and professional. I find it difficult to feel comfortable at a dentist’s, but they make you comfortable there. What a great local business.
Dizzam M

Thank you so much for being patient with me my anxiety & crying you are so professional. I haven’t been to a dentist for years and Lisa and her team made me feel very comfortable I highly recommend this clinic. Thank you so much

Eliza Ross

I had a filling today right at the back of my mouth upper, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it took to remove the old amalgam filling treat the actual cavity before applying the light cured filling material. At no time did I feel anxious or frightened which is quite something for me Dr Lisa put me at my ease explained what was to be done and why very informative. The young lady assisting was spot on unobtrusive and efficient I hate that build up of water at the back of the mouth I have experienced at other dentists not the case here at all.If one could say I enjoyed having my tooth filled I can honestly say that I did and I will not worry about visiting my dentist next time. Just a quick footnote the front of house which I might add is impeccably furnished as is the surgery all new equipment nice and modern-day I digress the receptionist front of house is simply AWESOME a pleasure to talk to and each time I have been I have been made to feel very welcome and at my ease. I would highly recommend this practice in a heartbeat. Tony Woodham.

Tony Woodham

We went there 2-3 times for my mother’s Treatment. Dr. Lisa is a wonderful and well experienced lady. She is very soft spoken. We are very happy with her treatment. Highly recommended. Thanks Dr. Lisa, Loy and their team.

Roma Batra, Your Content Goes Here

Highly recommended as it is the best dental clinic I have ever visited. I am sensitive to dental pain but Lisa was so kind gentle and quick. Her assistant was very kind too. Plus I got very reasonable prices compared to other dentists. The clinic is superbly clean and very nice peaceful environment. I am definitely a continuing and happy customer! Great work Lisa and team ??

Navnita Sharma, Your Content Goes Here
Going to the dentist is always so daunting for me but I’m so fortunate to have found panorama dental when i moved into the area. I literally cannot fault this team on any part of my experience with them. They were all so warm and welcoming. Lisa was super careful and thorough on cleaning my sensitive teeth, and answered all my dental health questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

A lovely practice most welcoming team

Karen Forsythe

Top notch service !

Subash Shrestha

These people are the best by a long way .. I am having treatment at the moment, I don’t particularly like dental treatment, but Lisa Loy and the team are really fabulous, they treat you with respect and best care .. I HIGHLY recommend these people and practice !!!! ? they truly are fabulous

Jo Morrison

Totally recommend Lake Panorama Dental

Kerry O Neill

Lisa and Loy are BY FAR the best people to deal with in the industry. Dr Lisa is fast, effective, and very caring for her patients, and Loy is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, they both made me feel very comfortable after avoiding a dentist for nearly 5 years. I went from despising the dentist, to waiting to go in to see them again! 10/10 and will no doubt be recommending them to everyone I know. Myself and I’m sure many others appreciate you two!

Keegan Brown


Great Dentist
Christine Bosen

Very honest caring people

Suzanne Charlton

Lake Panorama Dental is so good, I fell asleep in the chair during drilling of a tooth

Trevor Dwyer

Lovely people, Great Dentist

Kate Stockford

No Pain, great advice.

Joel Marney

They came highly recommended by a family member. Extremely professional , courteous and very good customer service . Full marks

Sebastian Pinto

Lisa and Loy are BY FAR the best people to deal with in the industry. Dr Lisa is fast, effective, and very caring for her patients, and Loy is one of the nicest guys I have ever met, they both made me feel very comfortable after avoiding a dentist for nearly 5 years. I went from despising the dentist, to waiting to go in to see them again! 10/10 and will no doubt be recommending them to everyone I know. Myself and I’m sure many others appreciate you two!

Keegan Brown

Dr Lisa and her hubby Loy are amazing! Lisa is the most gentle dentist I have ever been too. Their practice is based in the most calm surroundings in Lake Panorama nice and close to my home. And the prices are very reasonable I highly recommend!!!

Alisha Power

I have avoided the dentist since school due to traumatic experiences. So, after 40 years of avoidance, I finally went into Lake Panorama Dental and had Dr Lisa Fernandes pull a tooth out this week. I was terrified. I told them so. They let me wear my noise-cancelling headphones, so I put on music and tried to sink into that to calm me down. She injected me. Didn’t feel a thing.  She used pliers. She did the drill. It was done in 30 minutes. I barely felt anything. Tooth broken and extracted. She is a dental goddess. I cannot rave enough. She has single-handedly changed the paradigm for me on dentistry. Maximum respect. I will be going to her now at least once a year to keep my teeth in good shape. This was a game-changing experience and I am so deeply relieved and happy! Thank you!
Jason Shon Bennett.

Jason Shon Bennett

A great dentist understands that a patient needs to feel in control, cared and supported throughout her or his treatment. Outstanding service from day one, honesty, compassionate and informative with my treatment and personal care. AMAZING Team at Lake Panorama Dental. Thank you Lisa, Loy and your team for the excellent service, your hard work for your happy satisfied clients doesn’t go unnoticed, and someday the rewards will follow – . Teamwork – in union there is strength. God bless

Fili Seufatu

Lovely clinic nice and friendly highly recommend to all thanks Loy and Family.

Sam Zhang

Friendly and accommodating staff. Highly recommend!

I couldn’t be happier to have found the team at Lake Panorama Dental! Warm, welcoming, understanding, caring, professional . . . are just a few words that come to mind when trying to explain why Lake Panorama Dental are the best!
Susan Wadsworth
Lisa and Loy are wonderful people and the dental practice is amazing. I am always hesitant to go to the dentist but they make it such a pleasant experience. So warm and welcoming. The service is excellent, the place is so clean and tidy and the prices are reasonable. I have been blown away with how they go the extra mile to fit you in when needed. Will deffiantly continue with them going forward
Morne & Olivia

Great family run dental clinic! Loy and Lisa are professional and caring whilst providing quality dental treatment at a reasonable price.

Sara Fahmy
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